Appointments & Final Six Months of Treatment Review


Long appointments of an hour or half hour will be during the morning hours, when both Dr. Wynn and the patient are freshest. However most of the short appointments can be done anytime, but tend to be afternoon appointments. If any appointments must be broken because of illness, accident, etc., please call and arrange another appointment. 

Patients will come in once every four to six weeks for adjustments, and can plan to spend 15 to 30 minutes (usually closer to the shorter time) for each appointment. 

Changes in Appointments
An advance notice of 24 hours is expected if an appointment must be changed. Otherwise, an additional charge will be made for time reserved. Our real concern is for the resultant delay in patient progress since it may take several weeks to re-schedule the necessary time. Late appointments will be regarded as broken appointments.


Progress Record and Report
It is customary in most cases to obtain a progress head film approximately every 6 months or when needed. This gives an accurate serial picture of how the teeth are moving within the jaw bones and also shows the growth of the jaw bones as they relate to each other. 

Dr. Wynn will meet with the patient and family towards the end of treatment to discuss what additional items they may like completed. Once the braces have been removed, Dr. Wynn can then follow up on and can make wisdom teeth recommendations for the patient since he has seen the position of those teeth when they come in.

Last Six Months of Treatment Review
During the last six months of treatment, Dr. Wynn likes to take a progress report, including x-rays, to give him an enhanced view of tooth and root position, bite alignment and aesthetic appearance of the smile. Dr. Wynn feels this gives him a chance to put the final touches on a case before it is finished. Reference can then be made to those records during retention treatment and the retainers can be adjusted accordingly to assure a more stable and attractive result.

Please feel free at any time to discuss questions regarding the orthodontic treatment we’ve created for you. We are always pleased to listen and to try to explain any questions that may arise.